Youth Committee Membership
Local Boards are responsible for the oversight of youth programs. Under WIA, Youth Councils were mandated to fulfill this function for the Board. While WIOA eliminates the requirement for Local Boards to establish a Youth Council, the Department encourages Local Boards to establish, "a standing committee to provide information and to assist with planning, operation, and other issues relating to the provision of services to youth, which shall include community-based organizations with a demonstrated record of success in serving eligible youth." The Lower Shore Workforce Development Board (WDB) has elected to create a Youth Standing Committee as recommended in WIOA. The Youth Standing Committee has, in-turn, created sub-committees to address specific identified needs. 

Youth Standing Committee: oversees youth programs and sets forth the compilation of its duties. Serves as architects in designing and building comprehensive youth services at the local level, identifies gaps in services and develops a strategy to use competitive selections or community partnerships to address unmet needs of youth, coordinates youth policies, ensures quality services, leverages financial and programmatic resources, recommends eligible youth services providers and prepares and discusses planning for the Youth Standing Advisory Committee meetings. 
Youth Standing Advisory Committee: assists the Youth Standing Committee in coordinating youth policies, ensuring quality services, leveraging financial and programmatic resources, and recommending eligible youth services providers. The committee consists of key partners throughout the Tri-County area.
Subcommittees will be led by a member of the Youth Standing Committee, who will oversee the group's goals and deliver updated information at the Youth Standing Committee planning meetings. Based on need, there are currently three sub-committees.
  • Business and Economic Development
  • Education
  • Mentoring and Outreach
Additional information about programs or committees can be obtained by calling 410-341-3835 or via email at  
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