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Job Seekers

Think About Your Soft Skills

Employers are always looking for employees who are the best match between the open position and the applicant. They often concentrate on what we call “soft skills.” These are qualities that concern how you work. Examples of soft skills are communication, active listening, conflict resolution, time management, empathy, teamwork, creative thinking, critical thinking, adaptability, problem-solving, decision-making, self-motivation and work ethic.

Think About Your Hard skills

Hard skill are those skills typically listed in the Job Requirements section of the job posting. Hard skills are abilities or knowledge that allow you to perform job-specific tasks and responsibilities. They can be acquired through education, apprenticeships or internships, certification programs, and on the job. 

Think About Your Goals

Creating a specific employment goal is essential to success. We recommend using the well-known SMART goal strategy which defines goal setting in a very thoughtful manner. You can do an internet search for the term “SMART Goals” for more information. This quick overview video will give you an idea on what to think about when setting SMART goals. Find a link

Prepare Your Resume

Do you know how to write your resume? There are a lot of free online resources available to help you. Still not sure or just want a professional opinion? Feel free to reach out to our partner Maryland Department of Labor for one-on-one assistance with your resume. 410-341-8533 or

Practice Interviewing

Prepare for your interview (do not “wing it”)! You know not to say too many “umms”, to make eye contact, to provide a firm handshake, and not to fidget. But are you prepared to confidently answer common interview questions? Think about what questions the employer may ask. There are a lot of online resources that can tell you what questions to prepare for. Practice with a friend so that you are ready. Feel free to reach out to our partner Maryland Department of Labor for one-on-one assistance with interviewing skills. 410-341-8533 or

Job Search

Looking for a job? Please visit us at one of our American Job Center locations for assistance from our partner – Maryland Department of Labor.

Lower Shore American Job Center: 31901 Tri-County Way, Salisbury MD 21804, 410-341-8533

Mobile American Job Center: scheduled at various locations, 410-341-6010

Princess Anne One-Stop: 30397 Mt. Vernon Road Princess Anne, Maryland 21853, (find phone number)

You can also job search from home using many online resources. We recommend the following:

Skills Training

Do you need skills training to start a new career or advance in your current career?